The Force Academy

When was the last time you fought another person with long weapons? For most of you, probably never. That's why we're here.
To show you what you've been missing all along.

Too many people live their lives in front of screens, on sofas and on chairs. They forget how to move, to flow, to sweat, to feel the adrenaline through their veins as they face off against another.

They forget how to compete, to feel the rush of the win, to learn from the loss, to better themselves, to come back on top.

This is The Force Academy.

This is the most realistic saber duelling experience in Singapore.

When it comes to saber duelling, we believe in teaching you real skills that can be used in real life self defense situations. We don't believe in fictional styles or make-believe combat. Why spend time learning something that does not help you in any way?

Experience the full thrill of duelling as you learn the fine art of swordsmanship.

Classes are done with step by step demonstration of proper techniques. This allows you to see, and understand attack lines, striking combinations, footwork patterns, and how to protect yourself while you attack.

Duelling with fellow saber combatants will no longer be random swings in front of each other. The best part? You get to keep FIT, have FUN and all the SKILLS you learn can be used in self defense situations in REAL LIFE.

Our Combat Saber System (CSS) is built upon an eclectic mix of Asian Martial Arts.

Three levels of mastery, grading tests, national tournaments and advanced classes are open to those that decide to take up this sport for more than just 1 weekend.

Learn and progress with:

  • Functional, realistic strikes and attack combinations
  • Footwork for striking and defending on the move
  • Combat tactics to allow you to duel effectively
  • Single saber combat
  • Double saber combat
  • Saberstaff combat

The primary source of technical and tactical proficiency of the Combat Saber System comes from Tuhon Tim Waid of PTKGO. This is not, and we do not provide Star Wars in-universe lightsaber dueling styles.

Hone your saber skills and DUEL in REAL-TIME with no choreography! Grab your friends, pick a class below and start sabering!