What do we teach at The Force Academy?

"As an instructor of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Military Close Quarter Combat System certified by Tuhon Tim Waid of PTKGO , we deal primarily with Edged Weapons(Ginunting, Bolo & Combat Knife) training. Most often when an uninitiated observer is watching us train with rattan sticks, their immediate assumption will be, 'that's stick training '.

But it's NOT stick training, it's BLADE training.

We're trained to recognize and ensure blade edge orientation during our training. We're trained to recognize superior angles of attacks. We're trained to understand and implement the concept of a good strike is your protection and protection from all attacks with superior strikes and footwork.

What then has this got to do with our Custom Lightsabers?

We have found that the Lightsabers gives an added dimension to our training. The illuminated blade enables us to study and track the angles of attack in a much more visual way! Suddenly the attack angles become clearer and more obvious! Suddenly footwork becomes more urgent when you see a bright illuminated blade come crashing towards you.

Training has become a lot more interesting. And I hope to share this knowledge and passion with you!"

Reza Emmanuel
Co-founder & Saber Coach
The Saber Authority

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