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"Best decision I ever made!! This class is awesome! I've made friends and learned a lot. The instructors are patient and very knowledgeable about their training and technical skills. I had a great time and look forward to the next class!"

- Adam V. (Monthly Member)

Get Real Techniques From Actual Weapon Martial Art Systems!

Get real techniques, apply them in your duels and apply them in real life self-defense. The principles of combat are universal. Everything you learn will bring you a step closer to being a better fighter.

Yellow saber shows with great efficiency what the combat saber system is about: Moving around your opponent, hitting without being hit, at the 2 most important targets, the hand and the head. This is not choreographed, and both are actively trying to cut each other's saber hand.

Advanced students progress to dueling with double sabers. Can you spot the clean hits? Body shots are not allowed for overall safety and sound tactics. Targets are hand and head only.

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"It is pretty amazing that in a short span of 90 minutes, you can learn the basics of an exciting new sport, pick up self-defence moves and make friends. If you’re looking to try your hand at something new or engage in a crazy and fun light saber duel, this is the place to fulfil your calling."

- Danielle Ang (

Experience The Adrenaline Rush of 1-on-1 Weapon Sparring!

Attack! Counter! Wave out! Cut and not get cut! If you've never done this before, we promise this will give you a shot of adrenaline so intense, it will keep you on your toes well after the class ends!

How it feels like to be sparring with one of our top students. The pressure never stops!

Keep circling, keep flanking, keep taking out your opponent's hand.

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"Fantastic. Much more than just swinging light sticks aimlessly. Builds stamina and coordination. And I always look forward to the duels at the end of every session! Great job guys!"
- Thomas L. (Monthly Member)

Professional Methods of Instruction!

This process of teaching has been hone over the years by our head coach, who is also a full-time professional combative instructor. Understand the WHY behind the HOW, so you truly understand every move, instead of following blindly.

Head Coach Reza explaining the strategy and tactics behind the move. Understanding the tactics behind the move is as important as executing the move itself.

13 Star Drill, a compilation of all the strikes in the system.

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"The instructor explained the rationale for things clearly and made me feel comfortable and able to continue growing. Would recommend to people looking for a simple to access martial art form, and a good tool to teach discipline and control for children and youth."
- Daryl T. (Sunday Class Participant)

Join for just one weekend of fun, or go all the way with Tournaments and Paid Instructor Positions!

A clear Skill Progression Path, Grading Tests, Team Battle Leagues, National Tournaments and Instructor positions are open to those that decide to take up this sport for more than just 1 weekend.

Combat Saber Tournament 2018, held in Bugis+ Atrium.

Respect, Harmony, Purpose. Core Values of the Academy.

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Don't take our word for it, see what others have to say about the Academy!

"I've found lifelong friends here! The instructors are patient and friendly. The seniors are always willing to pass on helpful tips. Best of all? Every nerdy, geeky fandom will find at least one enthusiastic fan in this motley (said with the utmost endearment) crew. May the Force be with you, TSA!"

- Sarah Starkid Jean
(2016 Tournament 2nd Place)

"Having joined TFA for a mere 3 months, my group of friends have spent much time conversing on what we've learnt, experienced, and the progress we desire to make. Never have I joined an activity that encourages me to get better at it each day!

From the foot work, accuracy in slashes, to the duel applications, it is a well facilitated course guided closely by its more-than-capable coaches."

- Jeremy Lim
(Monthly Member)

"Doubtful at first, it got more addicting as you go more often. Now being there for almost a year, my wife and I have met some great people and now I can't see them not being a part of our lives.

Besides, where can you find a sport that brings the best of contact sport and wielding a lightsaber together in one space?"

- Johnny Tseng
(2016 Tournament Champion)

"Been with TSA for 8 months; no regrets!

If you're not a Star Wars fan, this is a great team bonding and cardio session, perfect for dates, friends and families wanting to try something new and unique in Singapore.

If you are a Star Wars fan, I promise the thrill of wielding a light saber never leaves you, the work out challenges you like a legitimate Jedi / Sith training, and there is a family of geeks waiting to share great memories with you."

- Amber.L
(2016 Tournament Top 8)

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You're guaranteed to learn something from this session. If you feel you did not get any value out of it after attending, let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund!

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