The Force Academy

This is the most realistic saber duelling experience in Singapore.

When it comes to saber duelling, we teach only real techniques that can be used in real life self-defense situations. We don't believe in fictional styles or choreographed combat. Nothing replaces the adrenaline of 1 on 1, real-time duels.

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Experience the rush of 1 on 1 duelling as you learn the fine art of swordsmanship.

Classes are done with step by step demonstration of proper techniques. This allows you to see and understand attack lines, striking combinations, footwork patterns, and how to protect yourself while you attack.

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Join for just one weekend of fun, or go all the way with tournaments and instructor certification!

Three levels of mastery, grading tests, national tournaments and instructor positions are open to those that decide to take up this sport for more than just 1 weekend.

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