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A World Leading Distance Training Online Martial Arts University

Since 2008 Our association first began offering Distance Training courses in 2008. We were on the cutting edge of organized curriculum, white to black belt training programs, video rank exams, instructor support, and a simple way to learn and train at home. Fast forward to 2015. Black Belt at Home offers some of the most well-thought out, easy to learn from, practical for home study, hand’s on instructor support, and an overall home study ranking system that works. We now offer home training courses in Krav Maga, Shotokan Karate, Bo, Nunchakus, and Tai Chi. We are constantly improving the home study experience for our global students. We would love to have you training with us!

Specifically Designed for Home Study

All techniques/material are taught with multiple angles, clear audio, intuitive follow along, step-by-step, and review sections. Most of our courses include home training classes and home practice drills as well. You will receive the complete curriculum on streaming video, in a very easy to learn from format. Our courses are setup in a sequential, step-by-step format, and can be added into your current fitness and martial arts regimen. You will receive a home study manual with a history of the style, how to test, rank requirements, best practices for training at home, and more useful content during your journey. Our programs are perfect for training at home for personal learning, or for earning rank. It is not a requirement to take the rank exams and earn rank, but this is something that we offer.

A Supportive Online Student Community

As a student in our University, you have access to the Student Forum and soon, the “Find a Partner” application. You can ask questions among one another, learn from each other’s unique experiences, find a training partner, and develop a sense of camaraderie as you go through our programs.

A Self-Paced Program

You can train as fast or as slow as your schedule permits. There are no set enrollment/test/completion dates. The more often and higher intensity you train, naturally, the quicker you can move through a program. Either for testing or just for your own training enjoyment/betterment. Our courses work really well for individuals with odd working hours, travelers, and for those that do not live near a training facility.

Continuous Improvement for Our Students

As a leading Distance Training University, we are on a constant quest to make improvements for our students. We have new training benefits and experiences set to release as the year goes on. By enrolling now, you get these upgrades and improvements as they come along. Our goal is to create the world’s most realistic, useful, integrity-filled, beneficial, innovative, and student-focused home study university.

Designed for Anyone – Current Martial Artists, Complete Beginners, Instructors

Our training courses are used by just about anyone with an interest in learning martial arts and improving themselves. We have students who are currently attending a martial arts school, who want to learn a new art that is not available in their area. We have students who are black belts already, looking to learn a new style, and even become certified instructors through our association. And we have white belt beginners, who use our course for the convenience and simplicity. All ages, walks of life, and physical capabilities are welcome to join us. Our students come from all around the world, from India, to Brazil, to the UK – and everywhere in between!

EARN REAL RANK – Accredited Rank & Level Certifications

The rank earned through our Distance Training University is the same accreditation as that issued to students in one of our physical/local training centers. The standards, rank requirements, grading rubric, and minimum training hours are all up to par. If anything, we expect our home study students to push themselves even harder, and are going to need a higher level of self-discipline to succeed. The rank earned through our Distance Training courses is recognized by the Association of Martial Artists World Wide, the Ultimate Training Martial Arts Association, as well as various smaller groups and schools.

DVD + Streaming Editions Available

Our courses are available in a hard copy DVD edition, streaming video edition, or a combo of both. The DVD edition course is easy to use, watch, and as simple as popping in the DVD. Our streaming edition can be accessed instantly after purchasing. You can stream all training videos on your TV, computer, iPad, iPhone, or android device simply through the browser or one of our apps. You can also get the DVDs + Streaming Combo: get instant streaming access, along with a hard copy of the DVDs mailed to you.

TRAIN – With Real Instructor Support + Feedback

Upon joining a course, you will receive an email with information on communicating directly with your instructor. If you have questions about techniques, the testing process, etc. – you can email your instructor, or post it to the Student Forum. After submitting your video rank exam, your instructor will do a complete grading, and record a feedback video just for you – with constructive comments, tips, and corrections. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments and improvement during your training. Krav and Karate students will also get periodic reviews and feedback from their online student journal. Your instructor is there for you, just like you would expect in a physical dojo.


The one and only officially recognized white to black bo training style. Ultimate Bo is rooted from Okinawan Kobudo movements, but with a modernized, freestyle styling. In the freestyle bo portion of the course, you will learn bo techniques (sweeps, thrusts, spins, stances, combos) and forms/katas. In the sparring bo portion, you will practice a small assortment of combat bo strikes, blocks, and sparring theory. Ultimate Bo uses a unique “chevron” ranking system, which allows you to wear your UB rank as chevron patches on the sleeve of your gi, while wearing to belt rank of your core martial art (such as karate). Ultimate Bo training also builds a student’s cardiovascular system, arm strength, coordination, and weapons extension understanding.

Fast Facts:

Average Time to Black Chevron: 2 years Instructor Certification: Yes, certification course made available once you reach black chevron. Key Benefits: Understanding weapon movement, upper body strengthening, exploring new body movements and technical capabilities, examining other aspects of kobudo Founder: Michael Hodge (based in Japanese bojutsu with some modern elements) Weekly Time Commitment: Recommended 2-3 hours, but this is up to the student.

Ultimate Bo is a complete curriculum based off the dynamics of freestyle and traditional Bo. Not only will you learn extreme, high powered competition style Bo techniques, combos and forms; but you will also gain an understanding of the traditional roots of the ancient weapon. Ultimate Bo is the only Bo/Staff curriculum style in the world that has a full white to 2nd black belt rank structure. There is absolutely nothing else like it.

After receiving many requests, especially from international students, we have released our Black Belt at Home martial arts home study courses in a digital format. The videos can be streamed instantly from any device: iPad, tablets, smartphone, computer, and any other device with an internet connection. We have designed an extremely simple and organized system for accessing and watching your videos. And now….all DVD edition courses now include streaming for free with your purchase!

This is the most realistic lightsaber duelling experience in Singapore.

When it comes to saber duelling, we believe in teaching you REAL skills that can be used in REAL life self defense situations. We don't believe in fictional styles or make-believe combat. Why spend time learning something that does not help you in any way?

Experience the full thrill of lightsaber duelling as you learn the fine art of swordsmanship.

Classes are done with top notch instruction and step by step demonstration of proper techniques. This allows you to see and understand attack lines, striking combinations, footwork patterns, and how to protect yourself while you attack.

Duelling with fellow saber combatants will no longer be random swings in front of each other. The best part? You get to keep FIT, have FUN and all the SKILLS you learn can be used in self defense situations in REAL LIFE.

Our Combat Saber System (CSS) is built upon an eclectic mix of Asian Martial Arts.

You will learn the foundation strikes and footwork, building up to more advanced techniques in the use of the single saber, dual saber and saberstaff combat. Three levels of mastery, grading tests and advanced classes are also open to those that decide to take up this sport for more than just 1 weekend.

You will learn and progress with:

  • Functional, realistic strikes and attack combinations
  • Footwork for striking and defending on the move
  • Combat tactics to allow you to duel effectively
  • Single saber combat
  • Double saber combat
  • Saberstaff combat

The primary source of technical and tactical proficiency of the Combat Saber System comes from Tuhon Tim Waid of PTKGO. This is not, and we do not provide Star Wars in-universe lightsaber dueling styles.

Hone your lightsaber skills, DUEL in REAL-TIME with no choreography and sharpen your Force Focus with training! Grab your friends, pick a class below and start sabering!

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