Combat Saber Tournament 2018

The 4th Combat Saber Tournament was held in Singapore at Bugis Plus, on Sunday 25 November 2018.

For the first time ever, the annual Combat Saber Tournament 2018 was held at Bugis+ and featured 3 different weapon styles - single, double or staff sabers with hand-and-head targets and a whole series of competitive team duels. 

The action started at 6pm and lasted until 9pm with 18 combatants from 6 teams participating across multiple sets of duels to win top prizes of cash and custom sabers commissioned by TSA for the tournament and also sponsored Makaze sabers by the Singapore-based SaberMach.  


Tournament Rules.

Unlike previous tournaments, the 2018 competition featured team-based challengers.
Each team comprised 3 members and for each round of battle, the participants had to choose between single saber, double saber or saber staff.
So the 2 combatants entering into a duel would wield one of these 3 weapons.
The resulting match-ups had different weapon styles pitted against each other.

Targets allowed are: 1) the base of the hilt, 2) weapon hand up to elbow plus 3) head target.
Other targets were not allowed as the Combat Saber System is based on an unarmored blade combat martial art. 
Taking out the opponent's weapon hand is the first priority.

Weapons category:
- Single; Double and Staff Saber combinations

- Head strike only 1pt
- Hand strike only 2pts
- Hand and head in consecutive striking 5pts
- Head to Hand only 3pts

- Fencing Masks/Kendo Masks
- LaCrosse Gloves

- Holding a single chamber for more than 4 secs results in a 1pt penalty
- Stepping out of arena results in a 2pts penalty
- Trading head strikes between combatants beyond 2 points each will result in a 3 point deduction for each combatant

Allowed Strikes:
- Slashes Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical with Fluid, Circular, Broken energy
- Thrusts only to the hand and protected area of the head.

Saber Models and Gear

At this level, all combatants use their own sabers which are from pre-approved brands.

Blades are 32" in length and no hand or cross guards allowed.

Vaders Vault, Sabermach, SaberTrio, and Fusion sabers were the only sabers used in the tournament.

Protective headgear is compulsory and lacrosse style gloves were used for the best flexibility and protection.


Tournament Results

After several bouts of duels, the winning teams finally emerged. 

Tournament Overall Champion 2018: Colin Tay
Tournament Team Champions - Colin Tay, Mark Lim, Adam V
Runner Up Team: Ari B, Nia S, Ernest C
3rd Position Team: Cai Yiqing, RuYi, Redford L.


Tournament Video Clips (Finals Part 1) (Finals Part 2)


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