Combat Saber Tournament 2019

The 5th Combat Saber Tournament was held in Singapore at Bugis Plus, on Saturday 9th November and Sunday 10th November 2019.

It's been 5 years and we're still going strong!

For the first time ever, the annual Combat Saber Tournament 2019 was held over 2 days at Bugis+ and again, featured team battles with 3 different weapon styles - the double & staff sabers challenge on Saturday and single sabers on Sunday with a new tag-team format.

Once again, hand-and-head targets were allowed and we had a whole series of competitive team duels over 2 days. 

The action started at 6pm on both days and ran for 2 hours with up to 12 teams participating each day across multiple sets of duels.

We had top prizes of custom-trophies, dining vouchers, sporting goods and custom sabers sponsored by our saber partners SaberTrio (Malaysia) and SaberMach (Singapore) for the winners.

Other sponsors who contributed to our success were Vader's Vault (US) and ActiveSG.  

Tournament Rules.

The 2019 competition introduced the optional use of body armour, thinner & lighter blades and new 2-person teams for the challenges.

Targets allowed: 1) the base of the hilt, 2) weapon hand up to elbow plus 3) head target.
Other targets were not allowed in the current Combat Saber System. 
Taking out the opponent's weapon hand is the first priority.

Weapons category:
- Single; Double and Staff Saber combinations

Safety: Mandatory
- Fencing Masks
- LaCrosse Gloves

- Holding a single chamber for more than 4 secs results in a penalty
- Stepping out of arena results in a penalty
- Trading head strikes between combatants beyond 2 points each will result in a 3 point deduction for each combatant

Allowed Strikes:
- Slashes Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical with Fluid, Circular, Broken energy
- Thrusts only to the hand and protected area of the head.

Saber Models and Gear

At this level, all combatants use their own sabers which are from pre-approved brands SaberTrio, SaberMach, Vader's Vault and UltraSabers. Protective headgear  and lacrosse padded gloves plus optional body armour were used for the best flexibility and protection.

Tournament Results

After several bouts of duels, the winning teams finally emerged. 

Double Saber/Saber Staff Challenge: 

Tournament Overall Champion 2019: Ruyi (our First Lady)  
Tournament Gold - Team Stormwind: Cai Yiqing & Ruyi
Tournament Silver - Team Malware: Aaron (youngest participant) & Aloysius
Tournament Bronze - Team Orxa: Redford & Jerryl


  Single Saber Tag-Team Challenge:

First Place Winners: Cai Yiqing & Jiun Kai
Second Place: Sidus & Melvin (both joined only in 2019)
Third Place: Drew (joined 2019) & Jerryl

Tournament Images

To view a selection of the action from both days, click on the Facebook links below:
9th Nov - Saturday:
10th Nov - Sunday: