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Fast, Fluid, Dynamic and Tactically Real.

These are the hallmarks of the
Combat Saber System.

Now you can finally learn the Combat System from
Singapore's most realistic saber duelling academy.

Train with us from anywhere in the world!

Access our online courses anywhere, anytime, or download them to keep forever.

All you need is dedication and we promise you will become faster, stronger, and more skilled at any kind of long weapon dueling.

Start your own saber group with your friends!

Which sabers to use, what gear to wear, what drills to run, we've done all the work with our own classes.

All you need are a couple of sabers, like minded friends and you can start your own duelling group safely and with maximum fun.

38 videos, 3 hours of footage. Own it forever, watch anywhere, on any device.

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Bite-sized instructions allow for fast and progressive learning.

Each video averages around 3-5 minutes, so you don't have to watch an entire DVD just to get to the part you need to work on.

Learn a few at a time, master it with your friends then progress to the next video.

New video month.

We don't meet once a month to spar; our classes go on almost week, and every duel and is recorded and posted online for students to review.

On top of the basics, you'll have access to class tips and summaries. It's as close as you can get to attending our classes in person.

Every single combat drill at your fingertips.

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Combat tactics to win your next duel.

You can find hundreds of different saber drills, spins and flourishes on YouTube. But you'll never find anyone teaching real combat tactics. This is key to winning your duels and this is where we come in.

When was the last time you saw someone on YouTube explain why a technique is done a certain way and show how it can be used in actual unplanned combat?

Become a master of range and timing.

Most systems out there are based on armored combat, which means getting as many hits as you can on your opponent even if you get hit. Some systems tell you to stop and reset as soon as a hit is scored. Both of which hardly work in real life.

This system is based on unarmored combat and it forces you to learn proper range and timing above anything else.

Be a part of the worldwide Combat Saber movement.

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Learn REAL techniques based on actual weapon combat arts.

The skills we teach are built on a mix of real world asian martial arts. There are no fantasy styles or choreographed moves. This is not an expression of the Star Wars in-universe lightsaber dueling styles.

But you can tie the techniques to whichever style you want once you've learned them.

Learn from certified, full-time Close Quarter Combat instructors.

The system is created and taught by real CQC instructors.

Learn the right skills from the right people from the start, so you don't have to unlearn wrong skills from the wrong people later on.

Single saber, dual sabers, saber staff. Your choice.

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