What is The Saber Authority?

The Saber Authority was started in 2014 with the vision of merging function with fantasy.

When it comes to saber dueling, we don't believe in fictional styles or make-believe combat. We also don't believe in learning skills that cannot be used in real life or self defense situations. Why spend time learning something that does not help you in any way.

All our workshops are based on actual Asian Martial Arts. We will guide you through the foundation strikes and footwork, building up to more advanced techniques in use in single saber, double saber and saber staff dueling.

Once you have the basics down, dueling with fellow saber combatants will no longer just be random swings in front of each other. You will be able to see attack lines, striking flows, weaknesses in your opponent defense, flanking movements and attack combinations. A new world will open to you as you get to experience the full thrill of lightsaber dueling.

The Vision:

To be the number one saber duelling system in the world through the The Force Academy by 2018.

The How:

By inspiring and motivating people to better themselves through the exhilarating art of swordsmanship with our Combat Saber System.

When was the last time you fought another person with long weapons? For most of you, probably never. That's why we're here.
To show you what you've been missing all along.

Too many people live their lives in front of screens, on sofas and on chairs. They forget how to move, to flow, to sweat, to feel the adrenaline through their veins as they face off against another.

They forget how to compete, to feel the rush of the win, to learn from the loss, to better themselves, to come back on top.

This is The Force Academy.

The training arm of The Saber Authority,
'The Force Academy' is built on 3 pillars:

Respect for each other.
We were all beginners once. As we improve, it is everyone's duty to mentor and guide those new to the Combat Saber System. Respect for everyone's skill level is of utmost importance.

Harmony across different styles.
We respect the different styles, preferences, and our diverse cultural backgrounds. We encourage practitioners of all styles to share, duel and grow together as one.

Purpose in life.
We train to be fit, healthy, and strong for ourselves, our loved ones and the people around us. We use our skills for just reasons and only when needed.