SaberMach Sport Saber
'The Force Academy Edition'

Built by SaberMach, this is our official dueling saber. Designed with features and ergonomics perfect for our style of dueling.

It comes laser engraved with The Force Academy emblem near the emitter, on an exclusive copper anodised finish. You can't get this color anywhere else.

The saber comes standard with 2 different sound fonts and 4 blade colors to choose from. You can change the sound fonts to whatever you want on your computer via a removable microSD card.

Technical specs

  • TRI-Cree LEDs with Flash-on-Clash (FOC)
  • Custom designed one piece electronic chassis
  • Nano Biscotte V3 soundboard (by Plecterlabs)
  • 2 different sound fonts
  • 2W 20mm speaker
  • Low profile tactile switch
  • Removable 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 4.2v 2A USB smart charging cable
  • 30"x26mm polycarbonate duelling blade included
  • Hilt is CNC precision machined from aerospace grade T6061 billet aluminium

Hilt Ergonomics

Modelled after the dimensions of a real sword, it measures 11" long and 1.25" in diameter. It's lightweight and balance point alone gives you a huge advantage in duels. Grooves and cut lines have been placed at right areas for the perfect grip, even if you wield it one or two-handed style.

The low profile tactile switch prevents accidental power downs during duels as it is flush against the hilt. The speaker is placed higher up the hilt, protecting it from direct hits from below. This allows a larger resonance chamber for louder sound, and a subtle but highly visible LED to be installed at the base for extra style points.

Sound effects with Flash on clash

Every saber comes with a removable microSD card and state-of-the-art Nano Biscotte V3 soundboard (by Plecterlabs). This gives you access to two sound fonts, Light meat and Dark meat. Each sound font has 8 different clash and swing sounds, on top of their signature power on, power off and hum effects. To switch between sound fonts just press and hold on the activation switch when blade is off make the saber switch to the other font.

Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of duelling with sound. Every effect can be heard via the powerful 2W speaker at the base of your saber hilt. Side speaker slots allow the sound to move in the right direction towards our ears, instead of the common down facing speakers.

30" 26mm diameter SaberMach blade

All blades are removable in case they break, and are held in place by a small retention screw. The opaque blade, along with diffusion film included inside, produces the most evenly lit, full looking blade and it looks spectacular on camera. It eliminates ugly "base flares" and "light in a tube" effects commonly associated with other lower grade blades.

The brightest LEDs and blade effects

The Tri-CREE LEDs are not only bright, but when coupled with the soundboard, it lets you set how your blade behaves. Whether it stays constantly on, or flickers or pulse when held. You can also change the behaviour of the flash-on-clash effects. All this is done via a txt file on the removable microSD card. You can choose from 4 blade colors, each of them flashes on impact for movie-style realism.

Removable rechargeable batteries

Batteries are pre-wrapped and connected by a simple 2 pin plug. The entire battery can be unplugged and removed for charging. Multiple batteries can be purchased for long saber sessions. This is better than other brand in-hilt charging sabers, which will not last for full day sessions. Pre-wrapped setup also prevents the saber from turning off on hard impact due to loose battery setups commonly found in other brand sabers.

What happens after payment?
You will receive a purchase receipt through Paypal after payment. 

When will I receive my saber?
Deliveries in Singapore will be via courier in 2-3 working days.

Returns and warranty
All of our sabers come with a comprehensive 6 months warranty that covers duelling. If your saber or blade is damaged or broken within 6 months of purchase due to regular use, we will replace or repair it, free of charge. You only need to bear shipping costs.

The Sabers and Blades are warrantied for blade on blade, full speed, full contact, duelling; not for dropping. User inflicted damage from dropping, is not covered by our warranty. Please do not attempt to modify or repair your hilt yourself, that will void your warranty.

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